Middlesex United Methodist Church
Saturday, January 28, 2023
Making Disciples - Transforming the World

Life Groups

For zoom links to current offerings please contact the church office.

Tuesdays @ 4pm with Pastor Jay

Wednesday @ 9am Women's Group

Wednesday @ 7pm with Pastor Rachel

Life Groups are small groups designed to cultivate relationships and build community as we grow into a deeper relationship with Christ. They provide the opportunity for spiritual and personal growth, as members engage in fellowship, Bible study, prayer, service, and mutual mentoring and support. 

Group interests, missions, and topics, as well as the duration of each group, vary throughout the year. Multiple groups run at any given time, most of which are a month or two in duration. Others are ongoing, yet open for new group members to join at any time. Disciple groups are also offered as a long term bible study on a yearly basis. 

Groups are designed to promote participation in multiple groups, so that whether someone is a longtime member of the church, a new member, or a visitor, they are able to join a Life Group to connect with others and grow in faith.