Middlesex United Methodist Church
Sunday, August 18, 2019
Making Disciples - Transforming the World

Our Mission and Vision

Who are we?
We are a compassionate group of believers and seekers who are united by a common goal: To make more disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

What do we mean by “disciple,” exactly?
Disciples are those who put their trust in the saving power and leadership of Jesus. Disciples are those who have been redeemed from their sin and are being restored in God’s image as citizens of God’s kingdom. Disciples join in God’s work of restoring, reclaiming, and transforming a broken and lost world through the spreading influence of God’s kingdom.

How are we making these disciples?
We’re making them one at a time, simply by inviting others to experience God’s life-saving grace and love through our acts of generosity and service in and for the community. And by inviting them to join a community where we learn to trust and follow Jesus as we share five life-giving practices that change us and change the world — intentional spiritual growth, worship, service, generosity, and invitation.

How are we transforming the world?
One life at a time.
One life at a time is a good goal, but is there a more concrete, fully formed vision for that goal?
Yes, our vision is simple and well defined — in 2009 we began a five-year goal to touch 4,000 lives and make 100 more disciples for Jesus Christ. We believe God has called us to personally touch the life of every unchurched person in our ministry area, inviting them toward life-changing discipleship. That means personally touching the lives of at least 4,000 people in five years' time. And in order to realize this vision that God has placed in our hearts, we are endeavoring every year to equip a growing percentage of our members and constituents for real discipleship as they engage in passionate worship, intentional spiritual growth, service within and beyond our walls, gospel generosity, and invitation of others.